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与此同时 (與此同時) yǔ cǐ tóngshí

yǔ cǐ tóngshí phrase at the same time / meanwhile
Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语 , Subdomain: Time 时间

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Collection Document Title Occurrences
Buddhist Affinities over a Century 5 - Culture and Education 1 《百年佛緣5-文教篇1》 Me and Buddhist Academic Activities 我與佛教學術活動 2
Buddhism Series 4 - Disciples 《佛教叢書4-弟子》 1. China - Tan Sitong Lit the Dharma lamp in the late Qing 壹、中國 ■點燃晚清法燈的譚嗣同 1
Buddhism Series 6 - Schools 《佛教叢書6-宗派》 Esoteric School - 6. Appendix 密宗 附錄 1

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