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回少向多 huí shǎo xiàng duō

huí shǎo xiàng duō phrase Dedicating the few to the many
Domain: Buddhism 佛教
Notes: A kind of merit transfer; FGS translation standard: Dedicating the few to the many (Faxiang)

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Collection Document Title Occurrences
One Hundred Lessons on Monastery Language and Affairs 3: Activities at Places of Practice 《僧事百講3-道場行事》 Lecture 10: Prayer and Proclamation 第十講.祈願告白 2
Life's Ten Thousand Affairs 8 - The World's Energy 《人間萬事8-人間的能源》 Chapter 3: Unbounded Creativity - No Limits 卷三 創意無限 ■無限 1
Modern Mentality Trends of Thought - Speeches over the Years 《當代人心思潮-歷年主題演說》 Summer Davos Forum - The Value of Faith 夏季達沃斯論壇-信仰的價值 1
Fo Guang Buddhist Textbooks 《佛光教科書》 Volume 11: Fo Guang Studies - Class 9: The Fo Guang Samadi Cultivation Method 第十一冊 佛光學 第九課 佛光三昧修持法 1

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