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明证 (明證) míngzhèng

míngzhèng noun clear proof
Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
Notes: (CC-CEDICT '明證'; Ding '明證'; Guoyu '明證')

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Collection Document Title Occurrences
Between Ignorance and Enlightenment 4 - A Life of Pluses and Minuses 《迷悟之間(四)生命的密碼》 Learning to Adapt and Let Go 提得起放得下 2
Fo Guang Buddhist Textbooks 《佛光教科書》 Volume 4: Buddhist History - Class 4: Buddhism under the Various Indian Dynasties 第四冊 佛教史 第四課 印度諸王朝的佛教 2
A Life With Palms Joined 4 - Hunger 《合掌人生4-飢餓》 Sporting Activities 球類運動 1
Life's Ten Thousand Affairs 5 - Doing Battle with Yourself 《人間萬事5-向自己宣戰》 Scroll 2: Keep Good Thoughts - Is There or Isn't There? (2) 卷二 存好心 有與沒有 1
Buddhism Series 9 - Art and Literature 《佛教叢書9-藝文》 Prefaces - “Records and Anecdotes of Legends in Putuoshan in the South China Sea” Preface by Hsing Yun, Republic 序 ■《南海普陀山傳奇異聞錄》序 民國‧星雲 1
Between Ignorance and Enlightenment 5 - Gas Station of Life 《迷悟之間(五)人生加油站》 Reasons for Failure 失敗的原因 1
Hsing Yun Diary (1989/7-1991/4) 《星雲日記(1989/7~1991/4)》 Hsing Yun Diary 2 - Inventing a Comprehensive Life 星雲日記2~創造全面的人生 創造全面的人生(1989/12/16~12/31) 1
Between Ignorance and Enlightenment 9 - It's Lonely at the Top 《迷悟之間(九)高處不勝寒》 Truth and Lies 真實和謊言 1
Selected Humanistic Buddhism Prefaces 《人間佛教序文選》 “Hsing Yun Dharma Words” Preface: Propagating the Dharma and Benefiting Sentient Beings 《星雲法語》序 : 弘法利生 1
Between Ignorance and Enlightenment 10 - Management Trilogy 《迷悟之間(十)管理三部曲》 Falling Over 跌 倒 1


Simplified Traditional Example Example Reference Frequency
获得明证 獲得明證 從這些動物中即可獲得明證 Between Ignorance and Enlightenment 2 - Prescription for the Heart 《迷悟之間(二)度一切苦厄》 The True Meaning of a Vegetarian Diet 吃素的真義 3
最佳明证 最佳明證 的最佳明證 Buddhism Series 6 - Schools 《佛教叢書6-宗派》 Chan School - 3. A Work of Art in Meditative Practice and the Influence of Chan Studies 禪宗 參、禪門名著與禪學影響 2
找到明证 找到明證 也能為我們的信仰找到明證 Humanistic Buddhism Series 1 - Fo Guang and the Buddhist Community 《人間佛教系列1-佛光與教團》 How to be a Buddha's Light Member - Lecture 10 怎樣做個佛光人 佛光人第十講 2
可作明证 可作明證 是有經文可作明證的 Selected Humanistic Buddhism Prefaces 《人間佛教序文選》 “Records and Anecdotes of Legends in Putuoshan in the South China Sea” Preface 《南海普陀山傳奇異聞錄》序 2

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