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要不 yàobù

yàobù conjunction otherwise / or else
Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语 , Subdomain: Function Words 虚词

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Hsing Yun Dharma Words 10 - The Human World is Filled with Joy 《星雲法語10-歡喜滿人間》 Scroll 1: A Happy Life - Speak Good Words 卷一 快樂的生活 說好話 8
Humble Table, Wise Fare 《佛光菜根譚》 Volume 2: Teaching and Transforming through Spiritual Practice Responsibility 第二冊 教化修行責任 8
Between Ignorance and Enlightenment 10 - Management Trilogy 《迷悟之間(十)管理三部曲》 Changing the Oil 換機油 7
Humble Table, Wise Fare 《佛光菜根譚》 Volume 1: Greed and Anger, Emotions and Ethics 第一冊 貪瞋感情是非 6
Hsing Yun Diary (1989/7-1991/4) 《星雲日記(1989/7~1991/4)》 Hsing Yun Diary 7 - Finding the Inner Heart Balance Point: Where You Come From 星雲日記7~找出內心平衡點 如何自處(1990/9/16~9/30) 6
Hsing Yun Diary (1994/9-1996/12) 《星雲日記(1994/9~1996/12)》 Hsing Yun Diary 35 - The Art of Speaking: Do Not Know 星雲日記35~說話的藝術 不知道(1995/6/1~1995/6/15) 5
Humanistic Buddhism Series 3 - Buddhism and Life 《人間佛教系列3-佛教與生活》 The Path of Even Conduct 行為平坦的道路 5
Hsing Yun Dharma Words 3 - Dwelling Peacefully in Body and Mind 《星雲法語3-身心的安住》 Scroll 3: How to Make Daily Improvements - The Spirit of a Bodhisattva 卷三 如何日日增上 菩薩的精神 5
Lectures on the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch 《六祖壇經講話》 Questions and Discussion 問題討論 5
Hsing Yun Diary (1994/9-1996/12) 《星雲日記(1994/9~1996/12)》 Hsing Yun Diary 38 - Lowering Your Head: A Multi-Colored World 星雲日記38~低下頭 彩色世界(1995/12/16~1995/12/31) 4

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