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与时俱进 (與時俱進) yǔ shí jū jìn

  1. yǔ shí jū jìn phrase to keep up with the times
    Domain: Idiom 成语
  2. yǔ shí jū jìn phrase Keep Up With the Times
    Domain: Buddhism 佛教 , Subdomain: Fo Guang Shan 佛光山
    Notes: Venerable Master Hsing Yun's One-Stroke Calligraphy, translation by: Ven. Miao Guang 妙光 (FoguangPedia)

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Simplified Traditional Example Example Reference Frequency
能与时俱进 能與時俱進 無論在心性上或是技能上都能與時俱進 One Hundred Lessons on Monastery Language and Affairs 2: Becoming a Monastic and the Rules of the Precepts 《僧事百講2-出家戒法》 Lecture 7: Three Knives and Six Mallets 第七講.三刀六槌 16
要与时俱进 要與時俱進 也要與時俱進 One Hundred Lessons on Monastery Language and Affairs 5: Organizational Management 《僧事百講5-組織管理》 Lecture 13: The Necessities of Buddhism 第十三講.佛教需要 12
才能与时俱进 才能與時俱進 才能與時俱進而不會被時代所淘汰 Hsing Yun Dharma Words 4 - How to Overcome Difficulties 《星雲法語4-如何度難關》 Scroll 1: Ideas for Overcoming Difficulties - Ideas Become Actions 卷一 思想津梁 思想成業 9
应该与时俱进 應該與時俱進 弘法的方式也應該與時俱進 Hundred Sayings 5 - Never Make Any Returns 《往事百語5-永不退票》 The Future will be Better than the Present 未來比現在更好 7
上与时俱进 上與時俱進 在行為上與時俱進 Between Ignorance and Enlightenment 8 - Where do Blessings Come From? 《迷悟之間(八)福報哪裡來》 The Habit of Swarming around Pushing and Shouting 一窩蜂的習慣 3
必须与时俱进 必須與時俱進 而必須與時俱進 Treatises on Humanistic Buddhism 《人間佛教論文集》 Monasteries in the Mountains and Monasteries in the in the Cities - Monastics Living in Seclusion and Monastics Living in Society 山林寺院和都市寺院-----兼論蘭若比丘和人間比丘 3
不能与时俱进 不能與時俱進 不能與時俱進 Hsing Yun Dharma Words 8 - Conditions for Success 《星雲法語8-成功的條件》 Scroll 3: The Essentials of Work - Flexibility 卷三 工作之要 活用 2
能够与时俱进 能夠與時俱進 能夠與時俱進 Life's Ten Thousand Affairs 8 - The World's Energy 《人間萬事8-人間的能源》 Chapter 4: Keeping in Step with the World - Keeping up with the Times 卷四 與世界接軌 ■與時俱進 2
佛教与时俱进 佛教與時俱進 而成為佛教與時俱進的絆腳石 Treatises on Humanistic Buddhism 《人間佛教論文集》 Humble Opinions on the Stages in Development of Chinese Buddhism 中國佛教階段性的發展芻議 2

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