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往事 wǎngshì

wǎngshì noun past events
Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语 , Subdomain: Time 时间
Notes: (CC-CEDICT '往事'; Guoyu '往事')

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Collection Document Title Occurrences
Humanistic Buddhism Quotations 《人間佛教語錄》 Writings on Application in Life - A View on Education 生活應用篇 教育觀 13
Life's Ten Thousand Affairs 2 - Intangible Value 《人間萬事2-無形的可貴》 Scroll 4: Avalokitesvara - Inspection 卷四 觀自在 檢查 5
Hsing Yun Diary (1993/1-1994/8) 《星雲日記(1993/1~1994/8)》 Hsing Yun Diary 24 - A Life with Balanced Income and Expenses: A Seed 星雲日記24~收支平篌的人生 一顆種子(1993/8/16~1993/8/31) 4
Life's Ten Thousand Affairs 8 - The World's Energy 《人間萬事8-人間的能源》 Chapter 4: Keeping in Step with the World - An Open Discussion about 'Twilight' 卷四 與世界接軌 ■漫談「黃昏」 4
Buddhist Affinities over a Century 6 - Culture and Education 2 《百年佛緣6-文教篇2》 My Interaction with the Media 我與媒體的互動 3
Life's Ten Thousand Affairs 11 - Life's Possessions 《人間萬事11-生命的擁有》 Chapter 3: An Admonition for Conducting Oneself with Integrity - Tears 卷三 處事箴言 ■眼淚 3
Selected Humanistic Buddhism Prefaces 《人間佛教序文選》 “Perfectly Willing” Preface 《心甘情願》序 3
A Life With Palms Joined 3 - The Causes and Conditions of One-Stroke Calligraphy 《合掌人生3-一筆字的因緣》 Remembering the Founding of the Monastery 開山記 3
Buddhist Affinities over a Century 7 - A Monastic's Faith 1 《百年佛緣7-僧信篇1》 My Classmates and Spiritual Friends 我的同學道友們 3
Life's Ten Thousand Affairs 11 - Life's Possessions 《人間萬事11-生命的擁有》 Chapter 2: Stages of Life - Older People's Self Love 卷二 生命的層次 ■老人愛己 2


Simplified Traditional Example Example Reference Frequency
回忆往事 回憶往事 回憶往事 Ten Lectures on the Eight Realizations of a Bodhisattva Sutra 《八大人覺經十講》 Lecture 2: Buddhism's World View 第二講 佛教的世間觀 19
回顾往事 回顧往事 回顧往事 Hundred Sayings 1 - Perfectly Willing 《往事百語1-心甘情願》 Showing Restraint is Definitely Powerful 忍耐就是力量 10
前尘往事 前塵往事 所謂前塵往事 Between Ignorance and Enlightenment 10 - Management Trilogy 《迷悟之間(十)管理三部曲》 Pursuing Desires 追 9
往事历 往事歷 往事歷歷 Hsing Yun Diary (1994/9-1996/12) 《星雲日記(1994/9~1996/12)》 Hsing Yun Diary 42 - Examining Thoughts: Having it All 星雲日記42~檢查心念 擁有一切(1996/7/16~1996/7/31) 7
回首往事 回首往事 回首往事 Between Ignorance and Enlightenment 3 - A Moment, A Lifetime 《迷悟之間(三)無常的真理》 The Stairway of Life 人生的階梯 6
起往事 起往事 見面談起往事 Hundred Sayings 5 - Never Make Any Returns 《往事百語5-永不退票》 The Record of My Defeat 我失敗的紀錄 4
前生往事 前生往事 對於前生往事再也思憶不起來 Humanistic Buddhism Series 8 - Dependent Origination and Cessation 《人間佛教系列8-緣起與還滅》 A Buddhist View on Rebirth 佛教對輪迴的看法 4
回想往事 回想往事 細細回想往事 Hundred Sayings 1 - Perfectly Willing 《往事百語1-心甘情願》 Everything is Natural 一切都是當然的 4
往事一 往事一 往事一幕幕襲上心頭 Hundred Sayings 4 - Half and Half 《往事百語4-一半一半》 Damaged is Beautiful 殘缺就是美 3
往事因缘 往事因緣 也一定都有一些往事因緣 Between Ignorance and Enlightenment 2 - Prescription for the Heart 《迷悟之間(二)度一切苦厄》 Cherish Causes and Conditions 珍惜因緣 3

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