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  1. zhì preposition to / until
    Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语 , Subdomain: Function Words 虚词
    Notes: (ABC 'zhì' 至 cov; Guoyu '至' conjunction; Unihan '至')
  2. zhì noun Kangxi radical 133
    Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语 , Subdomain: Radicals 部首
    Notes: (ABC back cover; GHC p. 7; Guoyu '至' n)
  3. zhì adverb extremely / very / most
    Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
    Notes: In the sense of 甚 (ABC 'zhì' 至 adv; Guoyu '至' adv; Kroll '至' 2; Unihan '至')
  4. zhì verb to arrive
    Domain: Literary Chinese 文言文
    Notes: In the sense of 来到 (ABC 'zhì' 至 v; Guoyu '至' v; Kroll '至' 1; Unihan '至')

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Collection Document Title Occurrences
Buddhism Series 2 - Canonical Texts 《佛教叢書2-經典》 The Three Pure Land Sutras 淨土三經 38
Treatises on Humanistic Buddhism 《人間佛教論文集》 Humble Opinions on the Stages in Development of Chinese Buddhism 中國佛教階段性的發展芻議 33
Buddhism Series 6 - Schools 《佛教叢書6-宗派》 Pure Land School - 3. The Patriarchs and Continued Tradition of the Pure Land School 淨土宗 參、淨土宗祖師傳承 33
Treatises on Humanistic Buddhism 《人間佛教論文集》 Standards for Language in Buddhist Monasteries 佛教叢林語言規範 29
Treatises on Humanistic Buddhism 《人間佛教論文集》 Monasteries in the Mountains and Monasteries in the in the Cities - Monastics Living in Seclusion and Monastics Living in Society 山林寺院和都市寺院-----兼論蘭若比丘和人間比丘 29
Buddhism Series 6 - Schools 《佛教叢書6-宗派》 Abhidharma School - The Essentials of the Abhidharma School 俱舍宗 參、俱舍宗要義 29
Buddhism Series 9 - Art and Literature 《佛教叢書9-藝文》 Inscriptions 碑銘 28
Buddhism Series 6 - Schools 《佛教叢書6-宗派》 Huayan School - 1. Huayan Establishment and Continued Tradition 華嚴宗 壹、華嚴的開宗及其傳承 27
Fo Guang Buddhist Textbooks 《佛光教科書》 Volume 5: Introduction to Schools - Class 2: Indian Early Buddhist schools 第五冊 宗派概論 第二課 印度部派佛教 26
Fo Guang Buddhist Textbooks 《佛光教科書》 Volume 4: Buddhist History - Class 8: Buddhism in the Northern and Southern Dynasties 第四冊 佛教史 第八課 南北朝佛教史 25

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