Hsing Yun Dharma Words 8 - Conditions for Success 《星雲法語8-成功的條件》

Primary Source: Hsing Yun 2007, Hsing Yun Dharma Words 8 - Conditions for Success 《星雲法語8-成功的條件》, http://www.masterhsingyun.org/article/article.jsp, Accessed 2 July 2017. English Translation: none Prefaces General Preface - Ten Keys by Venerable Master Hsing Yun 總序‧十把鑰匙/星雲大師 Recommendation Preface 1 - Spiritual Emotions in the Human World by R. C. T. Lee 推薦序1‧宗教情懷滿人間/李家同 Recommendation Preface 2 - At Ease and Happy by Daisy L. Hung 推薦序2‧安心與開心/洪蘭 Recommendation Preface 3 - The Magic of the Buddha's Dharma Keys by Jason Hu 推薦序3‧法鑰匙神奇的佛/胡志強 Recommendation Preface 4 - Combinging Dharma, Life, and Working Time by Rex How 推薦序4‧佛法與生活及工作結合時/郝明義 Recommendation Preface 5 - Wisdom and Navigration of Life by Lydia Chao 推薦序5‧人生的智慧和導航/趙辜懷箴

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