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难忘 (難忘) nánwàng

nánwàng adjective unforgettable
Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语
Notes: (CC-CEDICT '難忘')


Simplified Traditional Example Example Reference Frequency
令人难忘 令人難忘 其盛意實在令人難忘 Traces Over the Sky and Ocean 《海天遊踪》 Malaysia 馬來亞 9
终生难忘 終生難忘 慈悲的音聲讓人終生難忘 Humble Table, Wise Fare 《佛光菜根譚》 Volume 1: Using Compassion, Wisdom, and Patience 第一冊 慈悲智慧忍耐 9
终身难忘 終身難忘 至今終身難忘 Hsing Yun Diary (1989/7-1991/4) 《星雲日記(1989/7~1991/4)》 Hsing Yun Diary 5 - People are Busy but their Minds are not Busy 星雲日記5~人忙心不忙 人忙心不忙(1990/6/16~6/30) 5
毕生难忘 畢生難忘 會讓對方畢生難忘 Hsing Yun Dharma Words 6 - Four Principles for Acting with Integrity 《星雲法語6-做人四原則》 Scroll 2: The Four Essentials of Being Human - Four Essentials for Interacting with Other People 卷二 為人四要 待人四要 5
志难忘 誌難忘 隆情厚誼更是永誌難忘 Hsing Yun Diary (1991/5-1992/12) 《星雲日記(1991/5~1992/12)》 Hsing Yun Diary 16 - The Skillful Use of Chan: Humanistic Buddhism 星雲日記16~禪的妙用 人間佛教(1992/4/1~4/15) 3
一生难忘 一生難忘 一生難忘 Hsing Yun Diary (1989/7-1991/4) 《星雲日記(1989/7~1991/4)》 Hsing Yun Diary 6 - An Uninvited Helper: Do Not Give Up on Sentient Beings 星雲日記6~不請之友 不捨眾生(1990/7/16~7/31) 3
中难忘 中難忘 成為我一生中難忘的回憶之一 Hundred Sayings 2 - Philosophy of Being Second 《往事百語2-老二哲學》 To be Studied by Leaders 被領導學 2
饭难忘 飯難忘 一飯難忘佛祖恩 Hsing Yun Diary (1991/5-1992/12) 《星雲日記(1991/5~1992/12)》 Hsing Yun Diary 15 - Complete Affinity in the Human World: According to Causes and Conditions, According to Ability 星雲日記15~緣滿人間 隨緣隨分(1992/1/1~1/15) 2
永生难忘 永生難忘 您的身教讓我永生難忘 Hsing Yun Diary (1993/1-1994/8) 《星雲日記(1993/1~1994/8)》 Hsing Yun Diary 23 - May Every Vow Be Accomplished: The Value of Faith 星雲日記23~有願必成 信仰的價值(1993/6/1~1993/6/15) 2
一次难忘 一次難忘 實在是一次難忘的經驗 Hsing Yun Diary (1989/7-1991/4) 《星雲日記(1989/7~1991/4)》 Hsing Yun Diary 3 - Not Bearing a Purpose in Coming West: A Tree Leaf and a Leaf of Gold 星雲日記3~不負西來意 片葉片金(1990/1/1~1/15) 2

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