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原因 yuányīn

yuányīn noun cause / origin / root cause / reason
Domain: Modern Chinese 现代汉语
Notes: (CC-CEDICT '原因')

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Collection Document Title Occurrences
Traces Over the Sky and Ocean 《海天遊踪》 India 印度 11
Buddhism Series 6 - Schools 《佛教叢書6-宗派》 Abhidharma School - The Essentials of the Abhidharma School 俱舍宗 參、俱舍宗要義 10
Humanistic Buddhism Series 7 - Dharma and Doctrine 《人間佛教系列7-佛法與義理》 Buddhist Truth 佛教的真諦 10
Treatises on Humanistic Buddhism 《人間佛教論文集》 From the Four Noble Truths to the Four Universal Vows - Development of Harmony Between Mahāyāna and Theravāda Buddhism 從四聖諦到四弘誓願-----論大小乘佛教融和的開展 9
Treatises on Humanistic Buddhism 《人間佛教論文集》 Monasteries in the Mountains and Monasteries in the in the Cities - Monastics Living in Seclusion and Monastics Living in Society 山林寺院和都市寺院-----兼論蘭若比丘和人間比丘 8
Treatises on Humanistic Buddhism 《人間佛教論文集》 Humanistic Buddhism and Training in Wisdom 人間佛教的慧學 7
Hsing Yun Dharma Words 4 - How to Overcome Difficulties 《星雲法語4-如何度難關》 Scroll 2: Take a Step Back and Think - Reasons for Failure 卷二 退一步想 挫敗之因 7
Buddhism Series 8 - Use of the Teachings 《佛教叢書8-教用》 Buddhism and Medical Science 佛教與醫學 7
Buddhism Series 6 - Schools 《佛教叢書6-宗派》 Vignanavada - 3. The Essentials of the Vignanavada 唯識宗 參、唯識宗的要義 7
Hsing Yun Diary (1994/9-1996/12) 《星雲日記(1994/9~1996/12)》 Hsing Yun Diary 33 - Pleasure is Empty: A New Beginning 星雲日記33~享受空無 新的開始(1995/1/16~1995/1/31) 6


Simplified Traditional Example Example Reference Frequency
原因之一 原因之一 出家人保守也是難以推動佛法的原因之一 One Hundred Lessons on Monastery Language and Affairs 6: Propagation of Buddhism 《僧事百講6-佛教推展》 Lecture 5: Furthering the Development of Buddhism 第五講‧推展佛教 23
没有原因 沒有原因 這不是沒有原因的 Lectures on the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch 《六祖壇經講話》 Questions and Discussion 問題討論 15
主要原因 主要原因 這也是我所以推崇他的主要原因 Hsing Yun Diary (1989/7-1991/4) 《星雲日記(1989/7~1991/4)》 Hsing Yun Diary 5 - People are Busy but their Minds are not Busy 星雲日記5~人忙心不忙 人忙心不忙(1990/6/16~6/30) 13
原因就是 原因就是 這原因就是起於身口意的三業 The Universal Gate : a Commentary on Avalokitesvara's Universal Gate Sutra 《觀世音菩薩普門品講話》 3. The ability to prevent the world's suffering 三.能救世間苦 8
找出原因 找出原因 你能找出原因嗎 Between Ignorance and Enlightenment 3 - A Moment, A Lifetime 《迷悟之間(三)無常的真理》 To Discover Problems 要發現問題 8
原因如下 原因如下 歸納有四點原因如下 Hsing Yun Dharma Words 3 - Dwelling Peacefully in Body and Mind 《星雲法語3-身心的安住》 Scroll 1: Concepts of Buddhism - The Merit of Pilgrimages 卷一 佛教的理念 朝山功德 6
原因在于 原因在於 原因在於它不是很貴 One Hundred Lessons on Monastery Language and Affairs 3: Activities at Places of Practice 《僧事百講3-道場行事》 Lecture 4: Universal Tea Gathering and Talk 第四講.普茶談話 6
大原因 大原因 最大原因在於主人怠惰 Hsing Yun Dharma Words 3 - Dwelling Peacefully in Body and Mind 《星雲法語3-身心的安住》 Scroll 1: Concepts of Buddhism - Reasons for Impurities 卷一 佛教的理念 不淨之因 6
重要原因 重要原因 吃得營養是一個重要原因 Hsing Yun Dharma Words 10 - The Human World is Filled with Joy 《星雲法語10-歡喜滿人間》 Scroll 3: The Gate of Happiness - The Benefits of Moderation 卷三 幸福之門 節制的好處 5
说明原因 說明原因 但不必說明原因 Hsing Yun Diary (1991/5-1992/12) 《星雲日記(1991/5~1992/12)》 Hsing Yun Diary 14 - Speaking about being Busy and Speaking about being Idle 星雲日記14~說忙說閒 說忙說閒(1991/12/1~12/15) 5

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